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B. Ed Programme
Course     : Bachelor of Education
Duration  : One Year
Eligibility : Graduation with two school subjects with 50% of marks.
The B. Ed programme as prescribed by the Allahabad University has been divided into two areas.
1. Theory (Core Courses)
This comprises of six compulsory papers including specialization in one of the optional.
2. Practical work
Practical work consists of sessional practical work and final class teaching examination.
Section `A'  Theory
Paper I    Education in Emerging Indian Society
Paper II  Psychology of Teaching and Learning.
Paper III Curriculum Development and Evaluation.
Paper IV  School Management and Action Research
Paper V Methods of teaching of School subjects
Paper VI  Special Paper one of the following.
(i) Educational Technology
(ii) Health and Physical Education
(iii) Environmental Education
(iv) Population Education
Each Theory paper will consist of 100 marks.
3. Section `B' (I) Practical

Sessional Practical work related to each school subject.
Sessional practical work will consist of 100 marks.
1.  (i) Preparation of 10 teaching aids
     (ii) Construction of an objective type achievement test, its administration and tabulation of results.
2.  20 Macro lessons in each school subject taught in school situations.
3.  One criticism lesson in each school subject.
4. Internship in teaching
(i) Planning and teaching
(ii) Organization of school programme like assembly, drama, debate, exhibition, quiz, games and sports etc.
(iii) Maintenance of school records like attendance and fees register, progress reports or cumulative record card.
(iv) Administration of at least one tool for measuring variables like intelligence, personality, interest and aptitude or creativity.
5. Aesthetic development
Activities like decoration of class room and gardening etc.
6. Community experiences
Any two of the following
(i) Organization of community games and sports/national day functions
(ii) Participation in environment awareness, population education, adult literacy, plantation, health for all, vaccination programmes etc; activation of parent-teacher association; celebrating Teacher's day or children's day; mobilising community resources for various programmes.
7. Work education
Any two of the following
Maintenance of furniture, Repair of electric appliances, production of polish, making toys, clay modeling, photography etc.
8. Scouting & Guiding or First Aid.
B (II) Final Practice teaching.
Two final lessons out of which one should belong to each school subject offered for V paper, shall be taught by each candidate.
Every student shall be required to undertake various activities as enumerated in section ‘B’ (I)
Maximum marks for final class Teaching Examination shall be 100. Every candidate shall teach two lessons to be assessed by a Board of Examiners.
Examination Rules
(1)  (a)   In order to pass the B. Ed. Examination the candidate shall be required to secure a minimum of 33% marks in
              individual papers and 36% in the aggregate papers in theory as well as practical work separately.
       (b)  The Division at the Theory and Practical Examinations shall be awarded separately on the basis of the following
60% and above   I Div.
48% and above but less than 60%  II Div.
36% and above but less than 48% III Div.
Less than 36%  FAIL
(2)   Papers I II III IV and VI will contain eight short type questions in section A to be answered in about 100 words section B
       comprises three questions to be answered in about 400 words.

       Question paper for each teaching subject included in paper V shall have fifteen questions of short answer type. Out
       of them each examinee will be required to answer ten questions belonging to each of the two subjects offered by him.
       The required length of each answer shall be 100 words.
Admission Process

The examination for the Degree of Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) shall be open to a candidate who has passed with 50% of marks three years Degree course of any university in India or an equivalent Examination conducted by any foreign University which the Academic Council, University of Allahabad may from time to time recognize for this purpose .

Entrance / Admission Test for B.Ed course is conducted by University of Allahabad in Allahabad. There are two papers in Entrance Examination of 3 hrs each. First paper is based on General knowledge and Hindi or English language Second paper also has two parts – General mental ability and subject achievement. Results are declared on merit basis, Rules and Regulations for reservation are followed. Students are admitted in the college after proper counseling.

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